Heat and Beauty Shield for the Salon Professional Simpsonville, SC, May 19, 2017– The eyezer™ is a heat and beauty shield designed specifically to bring comfort and protection to clients while receiving salon services. The sleek one-of-a-kind design provides total protection to the eyes and face from: harsh fumes, unwanted hair clippings, product splash, and […]

For Spring/Summer 2017 hair, the trends are shaping up to be bold.   The wonderful and different shades of the Balayage trend is still popular so it’s here to stay, for a while at least. Soft hues such as baby pink and lavender are going to be huge this season. Just remember, you’ll want to […]

Why should you protect your clients?   For one, the customer ‘tolerates’ certain things about receiving salon services that may be uncomfortable.   There will be the occasional drop of color, hairspray in the eyes, or harsh fumes from chemical services that will make their way onto the face and into the eyes. Not to […]