Why should you protect your clients?

Why should you protect your clients?


For one, the customer ‘tolerates’ certain things about receiving salon services that may be uncomfortable.


There will be the occasional drop of color, hairspray in the eyes, or harsh fumes from chemical services that will make their way onto the face and into the eyes. Not to mention if you consistently do perms for people; the awful ‘splash’ that is from the water hitting the rods while rinsing the perm will oftentimes get in a client’s face. Let’s talk about contact lens wearers. Have you seen your clients constantly trying to blink or close their eyes for a few seconds and open them again while under the hooded dryer? I can almost guarantee that they wear contacts and are trying to lubricate their eyes.


The Eyezer was created to prevent all the situations mentioned and it does an excellent job of doing just that. It goes on and fits snug for any size and provides that protection and peace of mind. Your client will thank you.

Purchase yours today.

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